ist eine Marke der Auktion & Markt AG

Welcome to is the ideal marketing tool for those seeking to buy or sell real estate. Our auction platform allows you to carry out real estate transactions efficiently and at competitive prices - with continuous assistance from our professional service team. was launched in January 2013 as a new division of Auktion & Markt AG. Our expertise in the field, together with decades of experience in auctioning, combine to provide the perfect means for you to obtain the best possible results. Take advantage of the benefits that auctioning professionals can provide in real estate.

An experienced, professional real estate team will guide you through the marketing process from start to finish.

Die Auktion & Markt AG kann 30 Jahre Auktionserfahrung und 15 Jahre Expertise bei der sicheren und erfolgreichen Abwicklung von Online-Auktionen vorweisen.

We place our top priority on security and transparency in order to ensure that the interests of all participants are optimally protected.

Efficient transactions, reliable timing

Provides greater flexibility and facilitates capital allocation.

Optimum pricing for both buyer and seller.

Auctions best reflect the interplay of supply and demand.

High level of transparency in the auction process

Provides security for all participants.