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quick, easy and efficient.

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Quicker results

Thorough preparation, intensive marketing and a specific auction date accelerate the sale
and allow for reliable timing.

Fair market prices

The direct interaction of supply and demand in a fair auction process, and the transparent competitive bidding maximises value and assures fair market prices.

More certainty

Only registered bidders with appropriate credit take part in the auction. Additionally, the
specific auction date and the predetermined conditions of the sales agreements provide for
more transaction security.

Experience and competence is part of Auktion & Markt AG, a well-established company with 30 years of auction experience including 10 years of expertise in conducting online auctions. The competence of a professional real estate team bundled with decades of auctioning
experience achieves the best possible results for you.

If you are interested in selling your property via our auction platform please complete and
send the summary sheet by email.
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