About us

In January 2013 propertybid.de started as a new division of Auktion & Markt AG and has since served as an auction specialist in real estate. The marketing process is controlled from A to Z by an expert, experienced team with profound knowledge of the German real estate market.

Auktion & Markt AG is a medium-sized, owner-operated company, with approximately 250 employees, and more than 25 yeas of auction experience. With the Autobid.de brand, it ranks among the leading European B2B online auction platforms in the automotive industry. The online European auctions on www.autobid.de reach up to 25,000 buyers in 22 languages. In 2012, more than 82,000 vehicles, totalling a value of more than 1 billion euros, were sold via the Autobid.de brand.

Through the combination of decades of experience in the auction business and a high level of expertise in the real estate business, the propertybid.de team can provide its customers with targeted advice and optimally support them on their way to the best possible results.

Key dates from the history of Auktion & Markt AG

1988: The publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer Karl Rolf Muth founds the Auktion & Markt company.

2003:The online auction platform for used cars starts with www.autobid.de. Since then, autobid.de has been one of the most experienced and successful B2B platforms in Europe.

2004:Auktion & Markt takes the legal form of a public limited company. Since then, Karl Rolf Muth has been the founder and owner.

2013:The new business division propertybid.de, real estate auctions, is founded.

For more information on Auktion & Markt AG and Autobid.de see here.