Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is an online auction?

An online auction is a way to purchase properties through our auction platform, Bidders can make offers as soon as an auction goes online. No bidding is allowed on auctions "in preparation" or on those "now closed". If several properties are on offer within a single auction, these will be put up for auction chronologically. The auction ends with the sale of the last property.

2. What categories of properties are put up for bids?

We focus on the sale of commercial properties. The properties are divided into the following five categories: retail, office, logistics/industrial, mixed use and other.

3. How do I find out more about the properties on offer?

By registering (see Registration). In addition to photographs and descriptions, as a registered bidder you'll have access to detailed information on all the properties for sale at


1. What do I need to register?

You are a professional real estate investor, are acting in a capacity as a private business and are registered as such in the commercial registry (or similar official register). Alternate means of establishing bona fides may also be applied.

2. How do I register and what sort of documentation is required?

Please complete a registration form, acknowledge our Terms and Conditions and confirm that you will be sending us the required documentation. Then submit the form. You will receive an email notification confirming registration. Please sign the confirmation and stamp it with the official company seal, together with the signed confidentiality agreement, a statement of creditworthiness from your bank and a copy of proof of identity. Please submit the documents in original, in advance also by fax or email.
Once all documentation has been submitted and examined, you will receive access data by email.

3. How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free.

4. How long does it take to register?

Our team will examine your documentation for completeness and accuracy. This process may take several days to complete.

5. What should I do if I forget my password?

Go to the homepage and click on "login / register" and use the "forgot password" link.

6. Why am I unable to log in?

a) user name or password is incorrect

b) We have not yet received all the materials required for registration or the materials submitted are not current.

c) You have not yet accepted our current terms and conditions.

How can we help you? Please contact customer service at +49 611 44796-650.

7. What should I do if I have technical problems?

Please contact our technical support hotline with any problems you encounter. You can reach them Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM.

Technical Support Hotline
Tel.: +49 611 44796-845Technical Support Hotline


1. How do I participate in an auction?

Once you have registered, you will be issued a bidder number, along with a password and user name. You can use this access data to log in to and view the data room and the property documentation it contains. You will need a bidding approval in order to submit a bid on a particular property. A bid security in the amount of 5 per cent of the guide price must be provided before bidding approval can be issued.

2. What do I need to do to submit a bid?

a) You must first register as a user.

b) You must first obtain a bidding approval. (The button is located on the barometer page.)

c) Once you have satisfied all conditions, you will then receive notification of bidding approval by email and the bid functions will appear on the barometer page for each property.

3. Why am I not allowed to bid, even though I have completed the registration process?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to bid, despite having registered:

a) You are not logged in.

b) You have not yet requested a bidding approval.

c) You requested bidding approval but have not yet provided a bid security.

d) Your bidding approval is still being processed/under review.

e) Bidding approval could not be issued.

4. How do I make a bid security deposit?

Prior to submitting a bid, a bid security in the amount of 5 per cent of the guide price is required. A separate bid security must be provided for each property.The bid security may generally be in the form of a bank guarantee. It is also possible to provide payment into an escrow account at the bidder's expense.

5. Where and when can I view the property documentation?

As soon as an auction is released to the "Current Auctions" page, logged in users can access the data room to view the property documentation stored there.

6. Will I be able to monitor a property?

You can assemble your own individualised auction catalogue. You can thus follow the auction process of your personally selected properties, always keeping track of a selected, interesting real estate portfolio. You can select your properties at any time with the ""Observe"" button on the Barometer page and view them with through the menu item ""My properties"".

7. Can I visit properties during the course of an auction?

As a general rule, properties may only be inspected at specified times. Registered users will be informed when they may inspect properties.

8. Where can I find the start and end dates for an auction?

You can find the dates for current auctions on our homepage. In addition, you'll find the starting date and the remaining time until the hotbid phase begins for a particular property on the respective barometer page for each property.

9. What is a guide price? What is a minimum bid? What is a bid subject to approval?

The guide price is the price at which a property is offered for sale by the seller. Even if this is reached or exceeded, the purchase will actually be concluded by notarisation of the sale and purchase agreement.

The minimum bid is below the guide price and higher bids can be made from this price. If the auction is completed and the highest bid is between guide price and minimum bid, the bid is subject to seller's approval. The seller can then decide whether to release the bid or decline.
When offers are below the guide price, which are shown in the screen display as "in reservation", the bidder is bound for a period of 5 business days after the expiration of the hotbid phase of his offer. It can take this period of time to clarify a reservation.

The seller is not obligated to accept a bid, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the guide price.

10. What is the auction barometer?

The auction barometer is a central component of our auction platform that displays each bid submitted, along with the user name of the bidder. This simplifies the bidding process and makes it easier to follow. Bids shown in red (below starting price) are provisional. Bids shown in green (above starting price) are considered as approved. The seller has final approval over all sales.

11. What is the hotbid phase?

A property enters the hotbid phase a short time before the auction concludes. The hotbid phase is the last opportunity to submit bids and corresponds to calls for final bids by the auctioneer during a live auction. The hotbid phase generally lasts 2 minutes. If a bid is submitted during this phase, the hotbid phase begins again. Bidding on a property only ends at the conclusion of the hotbid phase and the highest bid is accepted.

12. What is a bidding agent?

A bidding agent automatically submits bids for you in increments (in amounts equal to the smallest permissible bid steps) and continues to do so up to whatever maximum amount you choose to set. It can be activated as soon as at least one bid has been submitted on a property. Other bidders cannot see the maximum offer you have set.

13. How do I submit bids?

There are three ways to submit bids:

a) You can submit bids in increments. The amount of these increments varies by property. There are a maximum of 3 different bidding steps per property. The bidding steps can be in the following values (depending on the property): 5000 &euros;, 10,000 &euros;, 20,000 &euros;, 30,000 euros;, 50,000 &euros; and 100,000 euros;.

b) You may define the amount of the bid yourself. This bid is visible to other bidders. The bid must be higher than the current bid and must be a multiple of the smallest bidding step that may be submitted. For example: The smallest bidding step is 10,000 euros;. You may, therefore, submit bids higher than the current bid that are divisible by 10,000.

c) You can activate a bidding agent to automatically submit bids (in the minimum bidding steps allowed) up to the maximum amount you have set. Your maximum offer is not visible to other bidders.

14. What happens if I am the highest bidder but my bid is below the guide price?

You will receive a confirmation email if you are the highest bidder at the conclusion of an auction. If your offer is below the guide price, the bid is subject to seller's approval and the seller will decide whether to release the property at the price offered. Your offer remains binding during that period. You will be notified by email whether the property has been released for sale.

15. What auctioning charges does the buyer incur?

The buyer's premium amounts to 4 per cent of the selling price (highest bid), plus VAT. The premium is earned, due and payable upon notarisation of the contract of sale, irrespective of any further processing of the transaction.

Along with the selling price (highest bid) and the premium the buyer also incurs additional costs in association with the acquisition of a property, such as notary fees, transfer taxes, charges for entry into the deed registry, etc.

Processing the transaction

1. What other steps are involved in the transaction?

The highest bidder on a property is informed by email at the conclusion of an auction. Details about subsequent procedure follow promptly and a date is set for registration of the sale. Email notification does not constitute a contract of sale between the seller and bidder. A contract of sale requires notarization, which must occur within 10 work days.

2. What terms apply to a notarized contract of sale?

Finalization of the notarized contract of sale shall occur in accordance with the specified terms set down in the respective specimen sales contract provided in the property documentation and through a notary selected by the seller and shall occur within 10 working days.

3. Who oversees execution of the contract of sale?

The conclusion of a contract of sale is the responsibility of the seller and the highest bidder. The execution and processing of a contract of sale occurs through the authenticating notary.

Has your question not been answered to your satisfaction??

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